Potential Pitfalls in the Vegas eSports Market

At this point, it probably seems like eSports are a no-brainer enhancement to the overall Las Vegas experience. But there are some considerable issues, which is why William Hill is the only bookmaker licensed to accept eSports bets in Nevada and why there were so few Strip operators at the recent inaugural Casino Esport Conference. It’s often difficult, first of all, to change the course of something as big and established as old-school Vegas casinos. A lot more regional operators, including delegates from Native American casinos, were seen because it’s much simpler to make quick decisions here. The fact that the legal drinking age is 21 in Las Vegas is also problematic for attracting big gaming crowds https://www.acesofgambling.com/ when many individuals in this group are younger. Most importantly, the millennial gaming culture is different to the conventional gambling culture, and bringing them together is proving to be as challenging as it is potentially rewarding. Food and beverage options need to be adjusted to suit gamers’ tastes, and price points need to be adjusted. Schoor also spoke of offering “boot camp facilities” including IT support and gaming lounges to practice in.

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